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OU Chess Club Summer Semester 06/15/2016

Dear chess enthusiasts,

The fall semester preparation is nearly completed and I hope you are as excited for it as we are. There are quite a few events to announce so here a short summary:

  • Starting with something unchanged: Starting with begin of classes (August 22nd) we switch back to our schedule with training twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays 6-9pm). We will start in Devon, Room 220 but will change after the first or second week. This room change will be announced later.
  • Three one day tournaments (Do or Do not series) will be played at OU during the upcoming semester. Registration for the first one (August 6th) opened today. The second and third will be played on Oct. 22nd and Nov 26th (Thanks giving special).  Click here for more information
  • The 2nd Norman Chess Festival will be played on Sept. 24-25 following the same mode as the first one. The tournament website will be online soon!
  • Starting August 1st we also implement a new training session: Every first Monday of a month we will hold an Opening Training Special. Starting with a 1.5 hour lesson on a specific opening, we then will play a themed tournament (both players have to play a variation discussed during the lesson) where winners receive a $10 discount on an entry fee for the next tournament. Both, training and themed tournament, are free of charge but donations are welcomed. (Dates: 08/01; 09/05; 10/03; 11/7; 12/5)
  • Starting next month, there is a change to Chess Club officers: Alexander Zapata, President and Co-Founder of the Club got recruited to play for the Texas Tech Chess Team. We wish him all the best for the work and passion he put into this club! Officer positions will change as follows: New President is going to be Co-Founder Florian Helff assisted by new vice-president Matt Dalthorp. Officer for Website & Communication will be executed by Joshua Riesenberg.      
  • Last but definitely not least, coaches and officers will determine who will participate in the Pan-American Intercollegiate Chess Championship Dec 26-29 in New Orleans. Every full time student participating in club training and activities has a chance to represent OU in this prestigious event.

Hope to see you all at our Monday meetings this summer or at our fall training and events.

OU Chess Club Officers



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