Chess Club
at the University of Oklahoma

Mode A-Section Groups B-Section Groups
Single Round Robin in Quads,
G/60+30 spm, USCF rated
Double Round Robin in Quads,
G/30+15 spm, not USCF rated 
Grouping Players can change their rating by +-100 at registration. Groups are built by ordering all players by the modified rating and then bysplitting them up in quads from top to bottom. Unranked players will be able to choose a rating between 300-800. Groups with at least one player <1200 official rating are considered B-Section Groups.
Schedule Registration by Saturday 9:45 AM
Rounds: 10AM - 1:30PM – 5PM
Registration by Saturday 9:45 AM
Rounds: 10:00AM – 11:45AM – 01:30PM - 03:15PM – 05:00PM – 06:45PM
Prizes $55 every group’s first $25 every group’s first
Do or Do Not! There is no try! Winner takes all! (Prize is split if group has shared first)
Entry Fee $25 if paid before October 18th, $30 at door $15 if paid before October 18th, $20 at door
$5 refund after completion of all rounds
Venue Oklahoma University's Student Union,
2nd Floor Heritage & Frontier Rooms
900 Asp Ave, Norman, OK 73019
Parking in covered garage next to Union: $2 per hour or $14 per day
No Smoking. Wheelchair Accessible.
Contact Chess Club at OU: Florian Helff,
Rebecca Rutledge,
Registration At this point there is no online registration possible anymore. Please register onsite.
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